A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away… a group of programmers is given a task to write an application for a final project for a class. After much thought, an idea was born, and uJazz came to life.

uJazz is the perfect tool for any jazz artist who wants to get better at the thing jazz performers do best… improvise.

With uJazz, you can pick from a range of styles in any key and immediately have an accompaniment to practice and record with. Then it stores your recordings on your phone and lets you play them back. For more advanced and experienced players, a randomize feature will give a challenge every time to keep your improvisation skills sharp by randomizing the key and the style to perform to.

uJazz was developed by the talents of the following people:

Robert Langenfeld – Composer/Programmer
Stephen Esser – Programmer
Michael Holtzscher – Programmer